During courtship, it’s not easy to know the person the way he/she should be known. Marriage is a risk, you won’t ever know everything about the person before you commit yourself into marrying, so don’t say “well, I’m still trying to check out.” This is why dating is unbiblical. Marriage is not an American idea, neither is it an African tradition, marriage came from God, and He has given us the pattern so dating is not biblical.

“Let me try this, go out with her a little, study her, if she doesn’t suit me, let me pick another,” you will do that and one day the devil will trap you with someone. Marriage is a risk, you just have to trust the Lord that this is the person He has brought to you, and you believe that you will both make it work together. That is what marriage is all about, there is a labour that you must do to understand your spouse.

I always tell women that one of the greatest breakthroughs a woman can have in marriage is to understand her husband to the level that she knows what he hates and avoids it like a plague and also knowing what he loves and go the extra mile to do such. It is a major breakthrough. The day you understand what he hates and you begin to avoid it like a plague, you have a 100% breakthrough, because one of the things that a man detests the most, which is the cause of many family squabbles is when a woman continually does the very things that her husband doesn’t like. The moment you begin to do that, something begins to unlock favour and goodwill from that man’s heart to your direction as a wife. Don’t ever forget that; put in every effort to understand your spouse.

Labour, make the effort to understand your spouse; avoid what he/she hates and do what he/she loves. The husband should understand his wife and gently lead her in accomplishing tangible things for God. Above all, one thing you must understand about your spouse is who he/she is before God; this will help you to have the right input to the destiny of your spouse. You cannot really relate with somebody accurately (by being a blessing to each other) until you know who the person is before God.