Dearly Beloved,

You must understand the ROLES of different personalities God has placed in your life. Not everyone has the same value in your life. When you reward people equally in your life, you give them the unspoken permission to hurt you somewhere in the future.

Three people that will play critical roles in your life and destiny are as follows and you must know what you owe each of them:

  1. YOUR TEACHER: Your teacher is someone who puts something in your head. He teaches you a skill or a trade. He allows you to have some abilities that you may not have achieved without meeting him. When you meet your teacher, you will need to pay school fees, get materials, books, tapes, CDs and so on. You also pay in form of time, attention, and then you get an education.
  2. YOUR BOSS: Your boss is someone who puts money in your pocket and clothes on your back. You owe him quality service and in return, he pays you a good salary. Never set up a shop in competition with the man who taught you a trade. Serve him so well that you can replicate the experience on your own. It is unfaithful service that makes a retired school teacher unable to set up a private school.
  3. YOUR FATHER: Your father is someone who puts something in your heart. He also puts spirits and anointing on you. Your father helps you to achieve at the level that he has attained in the spirit. You may have several teachers, but you will only have one father, especially your spiritual father. Spiritual and practical training required for the fulfilment of your kingdom purpose is obtained in the father’s house. If your life will come out correctly at the time of manifestation, you will need to have undergone every form of training that God has earmarked for you.

There is always a correct training for your destiny and you must pant after it.

Don’t be like the one that is weighed on a balance and found wanting. I remember when we started ministry, the training program God drew for us included going to the hilltop the last three days of the month to pray. On a personal level, the training was to pray for hours, sometimes 7 hours a day. I was faithful with my training program and still, I am. You cannot be better than the training you yield to.

Every individual remains ordinary until trained. It is training that brings out special abilities in us.

While you are in the father’s house, don’t go through INCOMPLETE TRAINING (this results when a Christian dodges his or her training and his or her manifestation becomes flawed in life and ministry. Don’t go through WRONG TRAINING (this is when someone is going through a process that is not suited for his purpose and destiny, but he assumes so. Don’t also be without training; NO TRAINING (there are some believers who have a genuine call of God upon their lives but they have not sat under the incubation of any genuine father in the body of Christ to be trained for this call.

You owe your father honour and right estimation in order to get the contribution and moulding he is to bring into your life.

Some of these relationships mentioned above are temporary while some are ongoing. However, the nature of the interaction changes. You must know how to tap from what each of them possesses as you move on in life.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.