Dearly Beloved,

You should respect the unit system of life. Jesus gave us a clue when He said, “Could you not watch with me one hour”. One hour of time is the unit of your life. One hour of prayer is the unit of spiritual power. One hour worth of your income is the unit of wealth for you that you shouldn’t spend anyhow. You should save at that level and track what is happening to one hour worth of your income. One hour of study is the basic unit of wisdom.

Sometimes ago, I preached in the funeral service of a brother. During the funeral service, the Lord told me to tell His people that we are all in a race against time and no one will win that race. But you can have an advantage over time. Time will work for you and not against you in Jesus’ name.

What you do with your day is what will happen to your life. The greatest gift a man can have is the gift of life and you should handle it well. If you are still alive, you can still do something with your life, but when you die, you can’t do anything anymore and it is what you have done that will be used to assess you.

Time is the capsule that contains the substance of life for a human on this planet. God describes time as the portion of eternity that HE has marked out to deal with human affairs generally and the portion of eternity to deal with every individual human being specifically.

I want you to start respecting time- as a capsule that contains your life. A time waster is a life waster. The reason for failure of many people is that they respect the wrong things. I have never seen a person that is successful on the earth that is not consciously aware of what is happening to his or her time. They seek to control what is happening to their time.

You should find out what is happening to you, as time goes. Are you fulfilling destiny? There will be a time that there will be no more time to do anything on earth that you are supposed to do. For most people, that time catches them unawares. But for a born-again person, you should have an awareness of time. When that day shows up, you must be sure you have done what God sent you here to do.

The currency of this planet is the currency of time. The currency you are accumulating tells us the country you are going to. Everything you will need on this earth, you will use the currency of time to acquire it. One of the things that amazes me is to see people struggling in life that have no respect for time. Poor people value money more than their time. You must know that your journey in life is a timed project. Whether you like it or not, time is going. Think of time as a period you have as a child of God to run your race and complete your journey on the earth. You have a race to run, a journey to run and you do not have all the time to do that.

Never ever find yourself saying you are doing nothing. That means you are wasting your life. You must always be doing something with your time. You must know exactly what one hour of your life is worth. Your salary is your life in financial form. You should not go to any place that your time is wasted there. You should know what is on offer and make sure that at the end of the day you get it and it is worth it. Life is full of foolish people who are not handling time properly. Everyone has the same currency of time.

God does not owe anyone a salary, He owes you an opportunity. No matter the opportunity life has denied you of, God in Heaven owes you an opportunity. Opportunity is the chance God gives us to get what life had denied us. When your opportunity comes, what are you going to do with it? Your opportunity is a vehicle sent to you from God to catch up for what you have lost. It is one of the tools God gives us to redeem lost time.

I pray for you that when that opportunity shows up, you will be aware of it and use it to the Glory of God.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.