“Words are like emissaries, USE THEM WISELY!”

The Lord spoke these words to me many years ago and I have taken time to master using words wisely. The words that you speak and allow to flow through your mouth have great power to determine how you end up in life. If I listen to the words you speak, I can predict with great precision how your life will end. Words have great power to build you up or tear you down. Negative words bring destruction and discouragement; positive words bring healing and build up a man’s life into greatness.

Words carry spirits and when you speak words, spirits are released to begin to act and work out those words. Good godly words release the Holy Spirit to work for you while evil negative words release evil spirits to work against you. I have always said, if I can get you to stop speaking negatively, even the most terrible life situations will change for good. Your life flows rapidly in the direction of your words.

Your life will always go in the direction of your mouth.

God’s power is captured and enclosed in God’s words. If you can get yourself to speak God’s words over that situation in your life, the power of God will take over. I want you to do an audit of your life and ask yourself, “In what direction is my life going?” If you don’t like that direction, don’t complain, just look into the scriptures and then begin to speak it out over yourself.

Deliberately cancel negative words that you have unknowingly spoken over yourself and negative words that other men have spoken over you.