Dearly Beloved,

You must continue to hear about the subject of faith until it forms a spirit in you. I told you that several years back when I started ministry, God told me to master very well two subjects: HOW TO LIVE BY FAITH and HOW TO BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.

There are 3 LEVELS of Faith every human being can operate from and the level you operate from determines your outcomes in life.

  1. NO FAITH- Mark 4:40
  2. LITTLE FAITH- Matt 8:26
  3. GREAT FAITH- Matt 8:10


Faith produces supernatural results. However, there are two types of supernatural results, the DIVINE and the DEMONIC. Divine result is produced from God while demonic result has to do with applying satanic power to obtain an outcome. Apart from these two, you can also have a natural result which is the application of natural processes to obtain result.

Natural result is simply predictable for man, understandable by man, and teachable to man. Divine results however come out of the application of divine power, divine procedures and divine processes to obtain results in every areas of life.

I am not dealing with natural and demonic results today. Some of you have dealt with demonic results because you visited herbalists before you became born again while some have obtained natural results by following the laid down rules in different spheres of natural endeavour. But today, I am dealing with DIVINE RESULT.

Faith is crucial because our faith is what brings us into the place where we can experience divine results.

Our faith is what connects us to divine results. That is why Jesus had to ask almost everyone that came to him for help the question, “Do you believe I can do these things?” He did not ask them for money. You can pay money to get natural and demonic results. You don’t need money to get divine results. Your faith is what brings divine results. Once money is asked for a divine result, then it is fake!

 The difference between natural and divine result is that Natural results can be measured naturally while divine result cannot be measured naturally. Natural result can be lost; divine result can also be lost but you can sustain it. A demonic result will attach you to the devil, human result will not attach you to anything, while DIVINE RESULT will bring you to God and God gives without any string attached.

Anything that you are looking for from God has been paid for. He sent His son to pay for it. The blood is the price for the divine experience. If you go to the devil, you will pay by yourself, and it is with your soul. It is better to stay with God even if it takes a while until you understand, or stay with natural means where you pay with money than to stay with the devil because the payment never stops. If you go to the devil, it will cost you more than what you are willing to pay.

If you are a child of God without the understanding of the subject of faith, you will be walking in the world without divine results.

Little faith will bring little divine result and Great faith will bring Great divine result. It is not faith that is the problem of most Christians but the understanding to deal with the issues that follow. Once you have enough faith to take the first step, you have enough faith for other steps but you need understanding. Romans 12 vs 3 says, “ For I say, through the grace given unto me, _to every man_ that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.” You have the same faith, but you don’t have the same understanding. The first understanding I want you to get is that: You have faith as a child of God. The second plank of understanding is that your faith connects you to God’s power for the change you are looking for. God’s power is what changes things through faith.

In conclusion, No faith is due to no understanding, Little faith comes from little understanding, and Great faith comes from great Understanding.


God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.