Everything about life is a function of possibilities and what determines if the possibilities will turn to reality is a function of you mixing either faith or fear with the possibilities.

A positive possibility can only become a positive reality when faith is added; also, a negative possibility will become a negative reality when fear is added.

What creates a negative reality is fear. As a child of God, you must understand God’s perspective about faith and fear.

Note the following truth about faith and fear:

1. Fear is the opposite of faith, fear is faith in reverse. What your faith will achieve, fear will also achieve the exact opposite.

2. Faith and fear are both spirit forces. Faith is a force from God while fear is a satanic force.

3. Faith and fear come by hearing words and also cause you to speak words. Faith comes by continual hearing of the word of God; fear comes by hearing the words of the devil.

4. Your faith activates God to move for you while your fear moves or activates the devil.

5. Faith is a creative force, fear is a destructive force.

6. Faith is a liberating force, fear is a crippling force.

7. Words spoken in fear keeps you under the operation of the law and force of sin and death while words of faith cause you to operate under the law and force of life.

8. Condemnation brings fear; while righteousness emboldens your faith.

9. Faith words are living words, they are creative words, they are life-giving words, they are health producing words while fearful words are dead words, destructive words, death-dealing words, sickness and poverty producing words.

The word of God, stored in your heart is the key to increasing faith and reducing fear.

The stronger your spirit of faith becomes by the word of God, the less ineffective the grip of the spirit of fear over your life. You can come to the point of having great faith and no fear at all. This is possible as you keep loading up your spirit with the word of faith. It shall be well with you.

God’s Servant

Rev Olusola Areogun