I will be sharing with you some of the many benefits of confessing God’s Word.

1.It feeds your Spirit. The word of God is the food of the Spirit. Don’t let your spirit be weak or feeble.

2.It sows the seed of the Kingdom into your heart. The way to harvest the fruits of the Kingdom is to sow the seed of the Kingdom. If you want healing, prosperity or success, speak the same. What you speak in this Kingdom is what you have. Confession of the word of God is not denial of the facts but resisting the negative effect they present. What you sow into your heart is what translates into power in your life.

3.When you put the word of God in your mouth you are coming against negative forces that want to come against your life. In the spirit you resist first with your mouth.

4.The word of God you say with your mouth affects your spirit. Your Spirit acts according to the word you supply to it. Your mouth sets your spirit in motion. Hence your spirit is in action to find what to do. When you say what you don’t mean, you are deceiving your heart and you will get to a point when your spirit will no more take you serious. This is negating the power of kingdom forces in your life.

5.Your confession spreads spirit around you. When you confess the word of God it influences the spirits that come around you. Spirits of favor, help, wisdom and goodwill are determined by what you are calling with your mouth. Your confession calls spirits into your life. This is not just positive confession but scriptural confession. Change your confession today from what you are used to saying to speaking God’s language. For instance, “when it is my turn the music will change to the music of favor; lines are falling unto me in pleasant places.” These words become spirits that decorate your life. If you refuse to agree with your circumstances you can confront it with God’s word in your mouth and determine your outcome.