Psalm 90:1-17
Life exists in pockets of time. Time goes in trickles and if you waste your time, you’ll waste your life.
Time waits for no man; rather every man has to catch up with it. The wise will not let time slip by without doing something with it. The wise will match precious time with critical assignments, the wise does not while away time, rather they invest time, use time, and take advantage of time.
Let your thinking be strong in planning and purpose; think of what to do with time before it is available, don’t have time that you don’t know what to do with it! The apostles had prayer hour, they projected to pray before the hour came and they used the hour for prayer (Acts 3:1)
But in I Kings 11:1, at the time that kings go to war, King David stayed at home. He didn’t match his time with the correct assignment, while doing NOTHING with precious time he saw Uriah’s wife and went into sins of adultery, lies, cover-up and murder and he became guilty before heaven, what a shame!
Have a keen awareness of time, time is flying, but what are you doing with it? A boy can spend five years in the university to obtain a bachelor’s degree while another can spend the same time doing nothing. They will grow older but one will be fit for the next level while the other will not. Whatever you do with the time you have is what you become tomorrow.