Several Christians are undermining the work of God in their lives because they are not doing the practical work commensurate to the blessing and divine contribution to their lives. The following are 7 truths to help you perfect your business and work/career:

1. The more blessing placed upon you, the more you will work: When God places an anointing upon you, it would require that you labour to maximize that anointing. Paul said, “I laboured more abundantly than they all”. If you know God has endowed you specially in an aspect, then make that grace evident by the work you do.

2. I have something that God can place an anointing on: Settle it in your heart that you have something that God can place an anointing upon. Everyone has a tool, a skill or an enterprise that God can bless. Find that one thing that God can bless and enlarge your coasts through. God wants you to be a wealth creator or multiplier and not end your life as a salary earner. Take time to pray and receive direction on what God has anointed for your multiple streams of income.

3. It is the natural that I can control that determines how great my business will be: Don’t join the mass of men that explain away their incompetence and laxity! God has done His part, you should do yours. In every labour there is profit. Demand higher profits by the effective work you are doing. Whatever revelation God has given you about your business and career will always be bigger than its physical manifestation because the physical side is dependent on how hard you are ready to work.

4. Don’t look to be comfortable in life or else you will end up small: When you put your comfort first, you won’t exert yourself to the height of your divine allotment. When God seeks to bless you He would demand that you do a commensurate work of exerting yourself in the direction of the blessing you seek. God will not transfer the wealth of a hardworking unbeliever to a slothful and careless believer even though it is written, “The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

5. Work hard and God will back up that work: God will prosper the work of your hands, not the intentions that you refuse to pursue to a logical conclusion. Every vision that God gives you must be translated into WORK for the glory to return to God.

6. Make yourself better for God to work through you: It is high time Christians demand excellence from themselves and those working with them. Even if it is God that gave you the idea of your business, make sure you make yourself better for God to work His blessings through you and through your involvements in His kingdom.

7. In every field, there is a work that is required!: Labour to know the essential tasks in the work you have chosen as a career or business. There are some essential tasks upon which all others rest. Don’t be found wanting in these tasks and God will help you.