Dear  Young  Achiever,

Here are 25 key truths about the Law of Differences

Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12

  1. The kingdom of God is established on the principles of differences, not similarities. Life was designed for differences. You must know these differences to progress. THERE ARE NO REPLACEMENTS; ONLY COMPLEMENTS AND CONTINUITY
  2. Everything functions on this same principle.
  3. JOINING is along the line of differences.
  4. Differences are the basis and key to UNITY. Union is built on similarity which eventually leads to separation.
  5. Unity requires differences.
  6. Differences generate a NEED for another while similarities eliminate this need.
  7. When things are different, there is no basis for comparison and this eliminates competitive jealousy and all the evils associated with this. The truth is that no two humans are the same; no two Christians are the same. So there is no need for competition. Orange is different from Mango. Therefore, one is not better than the other. When two things are different, some words like “better,” “superior,” “inferior,” etc. cannot be used to compare them. Did you notice God never uses the language of comparison, WHY? It is foolish. It is uncalled for! WE ARE DIFFERENT! And as result, we will need each other not fight each other. You will never find phrases like “the fastest growing church,” “the largest organization,” “the richest,” etc. in the Bible. It is a mark of immaturity to use such languages.
  8. Maturity is seen in how we handle our differences to our advantage.
  9. ORDER is established in differences.
  10. SAFETY, DECENCY, AND DIGNITY are enhanced by the law of differences. Know the difference between your church and your club for business or profit-making relationship. In fact, let me encourage you to know and put the difference between God’s sacred things and secular things. If you don’t do this, you will get in serious trouble with God one day. That was what happened to Ananias and Saphira in Acts chapter 5. They were not the only liars in Jerusalem that day, but they lied to the wrong person (the Holy Spirit) and in the wrong place (the Church) and at the wrong time (during a move of God). They violated the law of differences and paid dearly for it. In Daniel 5, King Belteshazzar also violated the law of differences by drinking from the consecrated cups. He was not judged for drinking wine BUT for using the wrong cups. Beloved, do you know the difference between JEHOVAH and other gods? Do you apply that difference in your relationship with the heavens? 
  11. TURE LEADERSHIP flows out of recognition of differences; a respect for differences; understanding of differences; accommodation of differences and effective management of differences to achieve common objectives and set goals.
  12. Look for someone different from you, not someone similar to you who will add to you what you don’t have.
  13. Someone similar to you already has what you have so there will not be respect and unity between you.
  14. To respect people correctly, always look for what is different about them. That is what you don’t have and cannot have except you link with them.
  15. To respect yourself anywhere, find out what is different about you from others and don’t let anyone shift you from that. That is what makes you unique and that is what others do not have, and will never have unless they respect you and reward you for it.
  16. Never throw away your difference from others. That is your key to leadership. That is your merchandise at the negotiation table of honour!
  17. In every class of beings, there is leadership. Never dominate or control. Leadership is built around our differences.
  18. There are THREE attitudes to authority: SLAVERY, REBELLION, AND SUBMISSION. Slavery: When you think the person in authority is created superior to you and you see him doing you a favour. Rebellion: When you think you are superior in creation to the one in authority and you think you are doing him a favour. Submission: This is the Bible position. When you know that the one in authority is equal in creation but different in assignment and you cooperate to achieve the vision for the common good.
  19. God never created any human better than another, but He created us different from each other.
  20. No one is better than another human on the basis of colour, gender, age, race, creation or calling. We are only different from each other.
  21. Celebrate the differences, do not oppose or despise them. That is the key to achievement.
  22. Understand how and where you are different from the personalities God has allowed into your life. This will allow them to release their God-given blessing into your life. They must allow reciprocation towards you to allow your God-given blessing flow to them. But you are not responsible for their attitude to your difference.
  23. If you are in a right relationship, you will be different, and others will be from you.
  24. Never let the differences bring division but let them unite and bring respect.
  25. Effective leadership is uniting the differences to achieve all the potentials of the constituent members!

Rev. Olusola A. Areogun

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